The Listening Place

About Us

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to.

What do we Offer?

  • A free confidential service.
  • A safe and private place to talk about whatever is on your mind.
  • A trained listener who will not interrupt, advise or judge you.
  • Opportunities to find your own way forward.

Who are the Listeners?

We are ordinary people who have volunteered to help provide this service.
We have all undertaken training courses developed by Acorn Healing Foundation.
We all hold current clearances to ensure confidentiality and safety.

Who do we Help?

You can share anything that is on your mind. Nothing is too trivial or too serious.
A skilled listener can help you explore the dilemmas you may be facing and help you find a way to deal with them.

Is all this In Confidence?

In the vast majority of cases our service is absolutely confidential. However, there are some circumstances where we are required by law to pass information on to a third party. In this unlikely event, we would always discuss it with you first.

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What people say about our service

"It's so good to know there are really wise trained people here"

"The Listening Place helped me to feel more in control of my own life"

"I felt strengthened, calmed and encouraged after my Listening Place appointment"

"I don’t know what I would have done if there hadn’t been someone there to listen to me"

"Being with someone willing to listen was crucial. It was such a relief just to feel heard"

"Having someone listen to me for as long as I needed, just when I needed it was such a support"